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We’re a branding and web design studio based out of Northern New Jersey providing design and strategy to businesses all over the state, the country, and beyond. We like having fun, working hard, and solving problems — business problems, not math problems, let’s be honest, nobody likes math.

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Austin Giardullo is the owner of Wendigo Jones and serves as its Director of Design & Strategy. Austin is an experienced designer and digital marketing pro that lends his expertise to developing businesses and works directly with every client, leading each project to success.

So who’s the “We” in Wendigo Jones?
For the more comprehensive design and marketing projects Austin works with a network of creative professionals. This network includes photographers, illustrators, copywriters, and SEOs that each bring something special to the table and help deliver the best possible results.


We do a lot here at Wendigo Jones but our bread and butter is Branding and Web Design. Every business needs a brand and an online presence, so that’s where we start.

Our Positioning services are also popular. With Positioning, we help businesses identify who they are, how to fit into the market, and the best way to connect with their customers.

We offer digital marketing services to businesses that want to gain traction online, capture their ideal customers, and are prepared to invest in SEO, SEM, and Paid Advertising.


Although Austin runs the studio, it’s called Wendigo Jones and we often get the question, why “Wendigo Jones”? Well, every business needs a name and we needed to find one that would stick in the mind and be unique and interesting (just like the work we do.) And one day the word “Wendigo” got stuck. A Wendigo is actually a monster from Native American folklore and although our talents are monstrous we are actually very friendly (like your neighbors, the Jones’. *wink* *wink*) 

So, Wendigo Jones is your friendly marketing and design monster, here to help boost your business and brand.

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Our Mission, Should We Choose To Accept It… Spoiler Alert: We Do.

The mission of Wendigo Jones is to help aspiring businesses of all sizes achieve their goals. We do this by building brands, crafting websites, and positioning businesses to maximize growth. We’re driven by our core belief that every business deserves a chance to succeed. With this in mind, we work hard to provide the tools and strategies that businesses need to stand out in their industry and connect with their customers.

We love passionate people and powerful ideas.

And, as you can see, we take our work seriously, not ourselves. We put our blood, sweat, and tears into every project that comes across our desks. We’re proud of the work we do and of the success that we create for our clients.

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Hi, I’m Austin, Owner of Wendigo Jones.

I’m really glad you’re here. Because it means you’re serious about creating a trustworthy brand, doing more with your marketing, and growing your business.

Here’s a bit about me. For the past five years I’ve been focused on helping businesses grow using strategy, creativity, and design. Wendigo Jones grew out of my desire to share my skills and knowledge with business owners in order to help them grow and achieve their goals. I work with businesses of every size, solving their design and marketing problems. I’ve built out brands, crafted web experiences, and helped kick start organizations. If you are passionate about your business and proud to provide your product or service, then I’d love to work with you.


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